Business financials made simple with iValuation


The complete financial package

Easy to use, detailed and professional financials. Saving you time and money.

  • Input data

    We ask simple questions about your business' past and future growth.

  • Generate projections

    Your numbers are transformed into a full set of professional financial projections.

  • Perform calculations

    Using your projections we perform detailed analysis and calculate a valuation for your business.

  • Get your report

    You receive a detailed report which you can share with investors / lenders.

Suitable for any business

For startups

Whether at concept or seed stage, we’ve got you covered and take into account the difficulties in predicting the future.

For scale ups

As an existing business we take into account both your history and your growth forecasts.

Quick and easy process

Automated sense checks make sure your finances all add up

  • The virtual accountant helps map business’ revenue, costs and financing plans
  • Automated sense checks makes sure your finances all add up
  • Input your details and generate your report in under an hour

No more finger in the air valuations !

Our methodical approach provides you with all the information you need to negotiate your business’ value with authority

  • 3 industry recognised valuation methods used by investors all over the world
  • Valuations adjusted to take account of industry and business stage
  • Assumptions used are clearly stated and explained

Benefit from our analysis of over 70,000 businesses

We perform over 150 different calculations on each report allowing us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each business.

  • Detailed analysis of your business’ momentum, profitability, safety and liquidity
  • Industry specific calculations based on analysis of over 25 million data points
  • All summarised in a simple 0 - 999 Financial Score

Talk their language !

Don’t trip up on the numbers. Use our iValuation to get a firm grasp of your business’ financials, and impress any investor or lender

Professional presentation

A beautiful, clear and dynamically presented report communicating your business’ financial data in the way investors and lenders understand

Review, revise, regenerate

Input your data, save, review, edit until you are happy to create your report. If you are not happy with the result, you can regenerate your report 3 times.

Add it to your pitch

Link your iValuation report to your InvestorConnected pitch and show investors the most comprehensive and powerful overview of your business

Clear and understandable

The report provides comprensive explanations on all charts, calculations, methodologies the assumptions used and guidance on how to interpret them

Share and impress

Invite investors, lenders, or members of your team to view your iValuation.Use a computer, tablet or mobile phone to dynamically present your financials.

Use it anywhere

You have the ability to export your iValuation in a beautifully formatted report. The platform enables you to create a print ready PDF version of your iValuation with just a click of a button.

Value for money

Get all the financials you need and save thousands by cutting out the need for those expensive accountants

One fee


including VAT

A complete package

  • Use of our virtual accountant
  • Comprehensive financial anaysis
  • Full valuation (3 methods)
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cashflow statement
  • Unlimited access
  • Integration with your InvestorConnected pitch