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Tell your story, outline the market opportunity and business strategy, showcase your teams’ talents, and what you plan to do with the funds you raise. Our Pitch Manager enables you to create an investment ready business plan that covers all the major points investors look for.

Present it effectively

Your dedicated pitch page lays out your information in a clear, dynamic and engaging way. Your page can be shared with investors, lenders and others. Post updates to your pitch to show investors how your business is progressing in real time.

Monitor and evolve

Analyse what traction your pitch is receiving. See who has viewed, followed or interacted with your pitch. Receive feedback from the community. Using all this information you can then continue to improve and update your pitch over the course of your funding campaign.

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Pitch perfect

Our easy to use system has all the features you need to create, evolve and present your business.

Investment ready

Benefit from our research of the funding industry. Your pitch will cover all the major points that investors and lenders look for.

Dynamic presentation

Include a video and slideshow on your pitch. Keep followers up to date with you progress by posting regular business updates.

Tell your story

Your story page gives you complete flexibility to showcase your products or services, your business' journey, achievements and awards.

Monitor traction

Understand how successful your pitch marketing has been. See who has veiwed your pitch, what type of user they are and where they are from.

Valuable feedback

Show the support you have by getting your network to review your pitch. Receive constructive feedback from the community.

Continually evolve

Update your pitch without any downtime. Our drafting system allows you to keep improving your pitch, publish changes and notify followers seemlessly.

Show funding progress

Keep investors and lenders up to date with your funding progress. Whether offers are received via the platform or elsewhere, you can show your progress in its entirety.

Sharing options

Your dedicated pitch page has a unique URL, enabling you to send a link to a particular investor or it can be shared easily across social networks.

Use it anywhere

You have the ability to export both the draft and live versions of your pitch. The platform helps you to create a professionally formatted PDF document with ease.

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